What do you want for Christmas? Best eBook Readers under $100

These days there are so many eBook Readers on the market that even the most informed person in the matter might need a while to decide which one is the best in terms of quality, software, design, battery life and of course, price. Below, there is a list of the most popular eBook Readers under $100. Most of them are new models, but there are some refurbished editions that came out with extra features and software updates.


Kindle Touch – $99: this model is not on the market at this price for the moment, the Special Offer edition is yet to be released. However, the Kindle Touch is probably the best eBook Reader under $100, considering its features and Amazon’s input. The full price of the Kindle is $140, so this offer should not be missed.

Barnes & Noble Nook Touch (refurbished) – $79: This device will be a great purchase and the pre-owned version has a $60 price cut versus the brand new one, but gets the same warranty. If it undergoes a little “work”, the Nook Touch can become a decent E Ink tablet.

Kindle 4 – $79: This version is the basic eBook Reader from Amazon. Its original price is $109; the current price comes with a special offer.

Kindle Keyboard – $99: Conservative users may still buy a Kindle version that has an incorporated physical keyboard. The full price for the Kindle 3 is $139, so this is a pretty good deal for those who prefer this model.

Sony PRS-350 (refurbished) – $69: This Sony eBook Reader comes from last year and has been rejuvenated a bit. The 5 inch touchscreen refurbished device has a higher price originally ($152), so this is a limited offer.

Kobo Wi-Fi (refurbished) – $59: Another special offer that won’t last long. This eBook Reader is a strong basic device, with a $99 price for the new models.

Aluratek Libre – $ 69: This is the normal price for Aluratek’s 5 inch eBook Reader. There is also the possibility of a lower price for this device with monochrome LCD screen.

Aluratek Libre Color – $99: It’s the basic color eBook Reader, with a 7 inch display and 800 x 480 resolution, with a music and video player feature.

Ematic EB101 – $83: This eBook Reader has basic features for a 7 inch color display device of this type.

Skytex Primer – $79: Another eBook Reader from last year, with a 7 inch display; it features a music and video player and a FM radio.

As the holidays approach, most retailers will lower their prices for merchandise and allow you to find the eBook Reader that perfectly suits you. So many new models come out every day that it’s hard to keep up, but as you can see, very good products are available for under $100, slick and light models which will make for a great Christmas present. Why get a book when you can get an eBook Reader with thousands of books on board?

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3 Responses to What do you want for Christmas? Best eBook Readers under $100

  1. If you download an audio book to a Kindle Touch, will you hear the reader’s voice, or only the monotone male or female voice that goes with teh text-to-speech tehcnology? What sort of video content comes with a Kindle audio book with audio/video content? I would like to make sure that audio books will work on a Kindle the same way they do if I play a CD in my CD player.

    Can you address this? Thank you so much!

    Denise November 29, 2011 at 6:53 pm
  2. Hey Denise!

    I will address your questions:
    1. An audio book on the Kindle Touch will be read by the automatic female/male voices (text-to-speech)but they are quite enjoyable, much better than the PC voices.
    2. The video content is usually not supported on the Kindle Touch, it supports only books, newspapers, magazines, audiobooks, games and docs. For video content, try the Kindle Fire and for more information on your Amazon eReader, go to http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Touch-e-Reader-Touch-Screen-Wi-Fi-Special-Offers/dp/B005890G8Y#xray.
    3. The audio books are generally mp3, so they will work as if you were listening to a CD.


    Georgiana Apetroaei February 1, 2012 at 12:54 pm
  3. Hi Georgiana,

    My name is Cristian Muraru and I’ve just discovered your very good job on ebookreader.com.
    Your posts are very helpful giving us a great added value. Thank you!

    We’re running a book website for romanian market(www.biblios.ro) which we strive to expand it into the ebook market.

    This is why we’d like to push in two directions:
    * help our users to acquire an affordable ebook device – we’d like to become a romanian reseller for such an ebook (what do you think about booken’s range of devices – bookeen.com)
    * publish ebooks with DRM. Is there is any good alternative to the Adobe Content Server?

    We express our gratitude for your help/suggestion on the issues above.

    Thank you in advance,

    Cristian Muraru July 10, 2012 at 9:36 am

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