‘txtr eBook Reader Puts Germany Back on the Map


After a long time of American and Asian rule of the eBook Reader market, Europe, Germany to be more precise, brings forth the cute, accessible, uncomplicated and fully garnished ‘txtr eBook Reader.  Actually it’s more than that, as you can read, shop, store and even publish different forms of content. Manufactured in Germany, the small ‘txtr eBook reader has been created by a local start-up company and is marketed only in the Europe so far.

 Like most of the devices on the market, ‘txtr has WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity and a 3G/GPRS option to grant permission to search and download books online. However, what separates it from the crowd is the VLAN feature, which allows ‘txtr users to set up virtual LAN between one another and share books and opinions; and the existence of the 3D accelerometer that detects the device’s position to the reader and switches the display between portrait and landscape immediately.

 Another convenient feature is that ‘txtr is designed for one hand use only, which makes it easier to handle. The E Ink Vizplex 6 inch display is perfectly sized for an eBook reader and it makes reading experience enjoyable without any glare. It is 151 mm tall, 131 mm wide and 12 mm thick, with a weight of just 300 g, features that make it extremely comfortable for its one hand use purpose. With a simple and clean design, it is a beautiful eBook reader; control buttons are on the left side of the display and battery is enclosed in under a fine lid on the back.  

 A small inconvenience is that the ‘txtr doesn’t have internal storage space, but it comes with an 8GB Micro SD card when purchased, enough memory to hold about 6000 books. Through its WiFi connection, you can easily go to ‘txtr eBook store, the largest on the local market. Furthermore, the device doesn’t have an MP3 player and this could also be considered a minus, but to overcome these lacks, ‘txtr has thrown in an open system philosophy that allows third parties to break new ground. In other words, it runs on open source software and that’s a huge advantage it has on Kindle. The currently supported file formats are PDF, HTML, ePub and conversions from other document formats like MS Office are available on the ‘txtr website.

 Prices per book at the ‘txtr online store are considered to be relatively high, comparing them to Amazon’s ($14 vs. $9.99), as is the eBook reader’s price, at $400 vs. the original Kindle that now costs $80.
Latest news about ‘txtr

 The German company is expanding its reach further into the European market, as their new eBook applications can be found in the Samsung App Store. Android users will be able to enjoy all ‘txtr features on their phones or any device from the Galaxy Tab line.  

 “This enlarges the ‘txtr reach tremendously, since Samsung is the market leader in Android-based devices. We are already leaders in Germany – not only do we have the largest German language catalogue of more than 52.000 commercial titles, the download figures confirm that an eReading app is a core service for device makers. Over the last year we have been investing in building our local-language catalogues and our recent successes show that this is the right strategy,” says Christophe Maire, CEO of ‘txtr.

So if you are European and prefer a “homemade” eBook reader for your pleasure, ‘txtr is the way to go. And if you live outside Europe, you should check out this tiny sleek device, to see what German technology can do.

 ‘txtr eBook reader specifications:

E INK Vizplex 6″ display at 600×800 pixels
151mm x 131mm x 12mm, 300g
Freescale ARM11 CPU 532MHz

‘txrt eBook reader

Capacitive slider interface
Next generation Epson display controller
Linux kernel
Integrated 3D accelerometer for automatic orientation detection
Full integration with ‘txtr online community platform
Power management optimized for E INK display
Li-Ion battery -charged via USB
128MB SDRAM onboard
MicroSD memory card slot – 8GB MicroSD card included  
USB 2.0 cable connection
Native support for EPUB and MS Office 
Mobile connection to the txtr eBook store is free of charge

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  1. TXTR Beagle who is selling these I would certainly purchase one

    Mel hewitt November 11, 2012 at 4:47 pm
  2. No one sells it – just a vaporware

    Major January 13, 2013 at 3:56 pm

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