Ten Free Kindle Fire Android Must-Haves You Won’t Find on Amazon

The much awaited Kindle Fire is finally here! Everyone is talking about it, how solid yet soft it feels, how well equipped and pretty it is and about the fine applications it has in its bag. There’s no doubt that Amazon provides Kindle users with a bunch of fun and practical apps, nonetheless limited.

So what is there to be done? How can you get your favourite apps if Amazon doesn’t offer them? Kindle users are now able to download and install applications of their choice, regardless of their provider.

The device is fiery and its abilities much exceed the Amazon app collection, hence its possibility to install applications from different sources. First select the “Install app from unknown source” option (Settings->More->Device->Install…), then go into the Kindle Fire Browser and download them. Below there’s a list with the top ten applications not to be found on Amazon but nevertheless essential for a comprehensive use of the new, passionate Kindle Fire.

Amazon Kindle Fire Apps 300x189 Ten Free Kindle Fire Android Must Haves You Wont Find on Amazon

Amazon Kindle Fire Apps

 1. Dropbox – the cloud storage app is great for file transfer and works smoothly when installed on the Kindle Fire. It gives users the possibility to send files from a computer to the device wirelessly, in a format Amazon doesn’t convert/send. The new Dropbox account is free and provides a storage space up to 2GB.

2 + 3. Google Maps – the popular app, together with Street View blend into a must-have, unfortunately not provided by Amazon.

4. Aldiko – to better read eBook that come in EPUB file formats, Aldiko renders a vast collection of customising options and Adobe DRM support. In theory, this app is present in the Amazon AppStore, but doesn’t appear on Kindle Fire.

5. YouTube – the website appears as a bookmark in the Kindle browser, but for a better quality of videos, the YouTube app is highly recommended.

6. Facebook – just like YouTube, Facebook gets a bookmark in the device’s web browser, but for a comprehensive use of Facebook, download the original Android Facebook which is much appreciated and provides tons of extra options.

7. Nook – this application is incredibly compatible with the Kindle Fire and it’s surprising that Amazon hasn’t added it to its library yet. A cool feature is the animated page turning.

8+9. Dolphin HD and Opera MiniWeb browsers – to be fair, these apps are available on Amazon AppStore, but none appear on the Kindle Fire app list. It’s true, the Amazon Silk web browser is good enough, but Dolphin and Opera are extremely sought for web surfing and the choice is obvious – they work smoothly and feature many more practical options.

Amazon Kindle Fire 192x300 Ten Free Kindle Fire Android Must Haves You Wont Find on Amazon

10. Overdrive – there are several ways to purchase eBooks. You can go for the classical method, through Kindle’s Silk browser, directly to Amazon library or choose to download Overdrive and get your favourite eBooks in less steps and additionally, have unlimited access to audiobooks.

The new Amazon eBook Reader fires things up all over America and soon will unleash upon Europe as well. Although Amazon AppStore is stocked with many interesting apps, there are several essential programs that cannot be found through the default purchasing tool. The list above includes only some of the Android compatible apps, but overall, are the most popular and employed online features at the moment._

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4 Responses to Ten Free Kindle Fire Android Must-Haves You Won’t Find on Amazon

  1. Hi, that was a most fantastic review of the new Kindle Fire I saw on Youtube. Good job. On the 10 apps list above, where is the best place to go to get those apps? Thanks again.

    wildjoey November 17, 2011 at 4:29 pm
  2. Hi Geogiana, thanks once again for the reply – as they say “I am off to the races.” Have a great day.

    wildjoey November 18, 2011 at 5:06 pm
  3. none of these download onto my tablet

    Laura December 27, 2012 at 3:58 am

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