No EInk? Believe it! TrekStor Pyrus Mini eBook Reader

 Whoever said big things come in small packages holds good for this new ebook reader on the market. Yes, I am referring to TrekStor Pyrus Mini which, with its 4.3” screen, is the smallest ebook reader we have today.

 Apart from the compact size, if you’re wondering what essay writing services else makes it stand out among the variety of e book readers we have on the market, here you go. It is worth noting that the TrekStor Pyrus Mini takes the distinction of being one among the very few devices to venture into new territories. It utilizes an epaper screen not manufactured by E Ink, the company whose name is already synonymous with epaper screens.




It is important to note that E Ink has pretty much maintained a monopoly in terms of monochromatic electronic ink displays. Several of the book report service prime brands of ebook readers such as Sony, Kobos, Kindles and Nooks make use of the same kind of epaper screens from E Ink.

Well, it isn’t like the other epaper screen technologies haven’t attempted in the past to venture into the field and give competition to E Ink. One such was SiPix that came a couple of years ago but didn‘t receive a very warm reception with its screen contrast leaving users asking for more. As was expected, E Ink acquired SiPix and the deal cancelled any hopes that SiPix may have had of improvement.

Technology reinvents itself with every passing day and another epaper screen company has made its foray into the market. We are talking about Digital Ink manufactured by Guangzhou OED Technologies in China.

Let me run you through some interesting snippets on Digital Ink and provide a picture on how this novel epaper screen technology compares to E Ink. Right from the first glance, the quality of display on both look strikingly similar. While the contrast is impeccable, you can also read the Digital Ink screen perfectly fine in bright sunlight.

The resolution 800 x 600 ensures that the text appears absolutely crisp and dark just as in the case of larger screen size ebook readers. However, under highly luminous circumstances, the screen in the Digital Ink technology appears a little on the yellower side unlike the latest screen display roll out from E Ink called Pearl.

One more surprising difference between Digital Ink and E Ink technologies is that the background colour on both varies in different illumination conditions. While one may appear lighter in a certain degree of illumination, the other’s background appears darker and vice versa.

Partial page refresh is also an area where Digital Ink technology does not perform just as well. When pages are partially refreshed, there is a tendency of ghosting such that the content and images from the previous page appear faintly when you turn to the next page. Such ghosting discrepancy does not occur when the Digital Ink display is configured to refresh every page.



After the pros and cons of the latest technology, it can be concluded that Digital Ink holds firm ground when placed next to E Ink. Considering the fact that it makes you save some dollars, Digital Ink is a good bargain for bookworms looking to buy ebook readers.

However, the arrival of Digital Ink on the market has not boiled down well with E Ink that has sued the manufacturer company Trekstor for patent infringement. The result of the proceedings will determine whether Digital Ink stays or bids adieu to the market.
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