Sony UK eBook store open for business

Sony has introduced their UK ebook store this week at the London Book Fair. This new store lets users purchase books directly if you have a Sony eBook Reader WIFI or any of the other Sony tablets.
The dedicated ebook store first went live in the USA and Canada over 5 years ago, as it supplemented, and integrated with,  its new eBook Reader line. At first the books were available in Sony’s own ebook format, but a few years later it was switched to the more well known ePub format.

sonystore2 300x160 Sony UK eBook store open for business

Sony’s next store opened in Japan in 2010 when it had signed major newspaper and publishing partners in the country. The UK store was supposed to go online back in October but saw some delays. A spokesperson from Sony commented: “We are pleased that the (Sony) store is now open to our UK customers. We apologize for the long wait, but we wanted to be absolutely sure that our store was finished to a high standard for a first class consumer journey online.”
Sony has made agreements with book publishers and newspaper in the United Kingdom to offer homegrown material. For example, you can buy a newspaper subscription to the Daily Mail and The Guardian for only 99 pence. Many digital books are also available such as Noam Chomsky, Michael Palin, and Nora Roberts.
In a recent statement, Sony hyped up their store saying “The store’s clear, uncluttered design lets book lovers to search effortlessly for their favorite titles. Stuck for ideas for your next holiday read? There’s more inspiration provided at the ‘Featured Titles’ and ‘New Arrivals’ categories.”
If you don’t have a Sony eBook Reader or any of their Android tablets like the Tablet P or Tablet S you’re in luck! You can download their official app for Android and buy books on your Android tablet.

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