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Sony Brings Forward the Xperia S Tab

Sony Xperia S is yet another Android tablet by Sony to hit the market, and in a big way too. This time, however, Sony doesn’t seem to compete with archenemy Apple but has changed its target to Samsung Galaxy Tab range of devices. The company struggles to attain the top position in this sphere, so let’s see how far it has succeeded. Hardware: Sony Xperia appears similar to its older version but has been improved to a sleek and slender design. The closed magazine curved… Read the rest

Impressions on the Red Sony PRS-T2

A review of the upcoming Sony Reader PRS-T2 has been posted on a French website named Ebouquin.fr with a complete collection of pictures of the new reader. Looking at the pictures and review, a few things can be easily noticed. First, it seems that the black PRS-T2 is the only one to come in a matte finish. The red Sony PRS-T2 looks pretty shiny in the review pictures. In addition to the finish, the close up pictures show that the buttons are physical and not… Read the rest

Pre-Ordering Sony PRS-T2? Wait!

After the leakage of product pages for the Sony PRS-T2 reader on J&R.com and following the fact that PRS-T1 is not available for sale anymore on the Sony website, there is a high chance that Sony will announce the release of the PRS-T2 in the coming week. Even last year, the same situation happened except for the fact that a Dutch website leaked the information and posted the pictures of PRS-T1 ahead of its launch. And same sequence happened in the year before when Engadget… Read the rest

Sony PRS-T2 Teaser on FCC

Sony comes up with a new ebook reader every year, usually between August and November. This ritual is quite expected to unfold a new device in the coming months, as Sony prepares to launch the Sony Reader PRS-T2, which will be the improved version of the last year’s release- the Sony Reader PRS-T1. Sony PRS-T1 teaser on FCC A glimpse of the Sony PRS-T2 was showed on the FCC website this week. The million dollar question is: What new features can be expected for the… Read the rest

Sony UK eBook store open for business

Sony has introduced their UK ebook store this week at the London Book Fair. This new store lets users purchase books directly if you have a Sony eBook Reader WIFI or any of the other Sony tablets. The dedicated ebook store first went live in the USA and Canada over 5 years ago, as it supplemented, and integrated with,  its new eBook Reader line. At first the books were available in Sony’s own ebook format, but a few years later it was switched to the… Read the rest

Clearance on eBook Readers: Sony PRS-T1 and iRiver Story HD

The company Sony seems to have changed its direction, in the past months at least. They have developed a pretty nice ebook reader in early 2011, but after that they seem to have their focus more on designing tablets. Sony PRS-T1 The only ereader they have marketed in the last six months, the Sony PRS T1 is now on clearance at Best Buy. Almost every store that belongs to this American chain retails the Sony ereader for as low as $99. How do we remember… Read the rest

February Discounts on eBook Readers and Tablets

As the month of February comes to an end, most eBook reader and tablet companies have decided to slash prices and create contests, so that their faithful users may benefit of some discounted, but still great devices. Kobohas organized a contest, ongoing until February 29th, with many prizes and opportunities. Their official website provides numerous coupon codes for those who enter their daily trivia contest. The lucky winners will get 10%-35% off ebook coupons, $25 cinema vouchers and for the grand prize, three Kobo Touch… Read the rest

Facts, Figures and Rumors as of January 2012

January has been a busy month for everyone. With the arrival of 2012, a lot of things changed and many more are about to in the months to come. In general; but particularly in the tech world. Still, January is the months of rumours, promises of products to come and legends of the year past. Tablets of 2011 2011 was a great year for Apple and we know this after their announcement of last week. Stepping on many shoes, they released their total sale number… Read the rest

The Best Tablets and eBook Readers of 2011

This year the eBook reader and tablet world has suffered a veritable boom. Many new companies joined the market and every experienced producer has come forth with new devices to impress and meet your every need: reading, listening to music, watching movies, a large palette of applications and massive breakthroughs in terms of battery life. In the next lines, you can find some of the best devices out there and coolest gadgets to appear until this moment in time, all of which are better described… Read the rest

New eBook Reader from Onyx Boox: i62M

The new eBook reader launched by Onyx is bound to stun with its impressive features. The device is making its way into the United States rather slowly, but people from across Europe and Asia can lay their hands on this beauty quite easily. The new Onyx reader is similar to the Nook Touch in the physical appearance and one can also associate these ebook readers as the same type of infrared touch screen is embedded in them. Yet the Onyx has profound superiority to the… Read the rest

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