Samsung Papyrus eReader – a Review

Mid-2009, when the eBook reader was in its early stages of life, many companies tried their luck in creating a successful device. When Amazon came up with the Kindle 2, Samsung decided to design an ereader to compete with it. And that’s how the Papyrus came to be, a device released in two models, the E6 with a 6 inch display and the E101, the 10 incher, with E-ink screens and sized according to the Kindles that were on the market at the time.

The Samsung Papyrus ebook reader is equipped with touchscreen and comes with a stylus, to make annotations of the screen – this feature was quite catchy at the time and further, the user could choose the thickness of the mark the stylus would leave on the screen. The electromagnetic resonance stylus pen has extra software options to make that possible. The screen resolution is 600 x 800 and it presents 8 shades of grey.

Samsung Papyrus

Under the hood, the A5 paper-size Papyrus has 512 Mb of memory, capable of storing 350 books. Some useful apps have been added, including a memo pad, a scheduler, a calendar, world clock, calculator, contact list and dictionary. Everything runs on a Linux platform, thus creating a flexible and responsive device.

The cool thing about the Papyrus is that it allows its user to download books and newspapers from a server and to share content with other devices. Through the Wi-Fi/3G connection, the ereader is capable to download public-domain books from Google Library, therefore has access to more than 1 million volumes. The Bluetooth 2.0 also comes in handy when sharing content with other devices.

Battery life is quite impressive, as the Papyrus works for up to two weeks after a four hour charge. In reality, with Wi-Fi/3G enabled, it will last more like 40 hours. The display is not backlit, it reflects natural light and that’s a major advantage as it saves a lot in battery consumption.

Users can enjoy books, magazines and newspapers in .doc and .pdf formats and are able to listen to music in .mp3 format. The A5 Papyrus also provides the Text-to-Speech feature that often comes in handy.

The entry price for the small version on Samsung Papyrus was of $300, whereas the large version hit the stores with a $699 price. In all fairness, they were and still are very expensive, even though they provide the basic features of a regular ebook reader.

Nowadays, a device such as the Papyrus is a bit outdated, with so many tablets and upgraded ebook readers on the market. It is not the best release from Samsung, now dealing with the Galaxy Tabs, but at that time, it was welcome.

Technical Specifications:

Operating System –    Linux
Release Date       –   June 01, 2009
3G Capability    –   Yes
Adjustable Text –  Yes
Book Capacity   –  350 books
Built-In Dictionary –  Yes
Bluetooth      –     Yes
Text-to-Speech –   Yes
Touchscreen    –    Yes
User Replaceable Battery- No
WiFi Capability  –  Yes
Screen Size      –   5 Inches
Screen Resolution   –   600×800
Overall Size     –    5.8
Weight  – 6.5 Ounces
Memory – 0.5 Gigabytes
Battery Life (hours) (Wi-Fi/3G enabled)    –    40hrs
Shades of Grey –  8
Supported File Formats  –  .doc, .mp3, .pdf
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