Plastic Logic QUE proReader Redefines Flexibility

Plastic Logic presented their latest addition to their product family, the QUE proReader, in the month of January at the 7thCES. According to the e- reader news, it is likely that QUE will make its way to the market in April but pre-orders are also being received through the Plastic Logic website. The customers who pre-ordered the latest reader have been notified to wait until summer as the designers are making efforts to improve and sharpen the present features for a finer reading experience.

Plastic Logic QUE Ebook Reader 300x192 Plastic Logic QUE proReader Redefines Flexibility


Plastic Logic is employing a flexible plastic technology which has been in the experimentation phase for more than 10 years.  It is said that two models will be introduced at first; one will include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4 GB memory for the price of $649 and the other will feature Wi-Fi, 3G wireless technology and 8 GB memory for price of $799. None, however, will have the option to expand their memory.

QUE has been introduced as a business-oriented ebook reader to fit perfectly in a full briefcase. It looks quite sleek with its thickness limited to 1/3 inches, while its width is 8.5” and length 11”. The ebook reader weights 17.2 ounces. The screen resolution is surprisingly limited to 8 grayscale when almost all the new products on the market are featuring at least 16. The 10.7” screen has a resolution of 960 x 1280.

The file functions supported by the new QUE include Excel, Word, PDF and PowerPoint, making it quite appropriate for its targeted business users. The shatterproof large screen has enhanced usability due to the gesture –based touch screen, while a virtual keyboard is available for taking notes.

The latest QUE relates well with the Kindle DX as it also allows readers to enjoy newspapers, magazines, periodicals, business documents and PDF files. For US users, AT&T will enhance the reading experience by providing 3G and Wi-Fi service on both models. It is said that an AT&T expansion is foreseeable, but for now, their services are available for US users only.

QUE proreader 300x225 Plastic Logic QUE proReader Redefines Flexibility

QUE proReader

Plastic Logic recently announced a new feature to provide email and calendar service for the latest QUE with the partnership of Good Technology. This means that users will now get their emails directly on their devices if they have accounts on popular email services including Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and Windows Live Exchange.

Plastic Logic has opened lots of channels for easy content access on the QUE. Barnes & Noble’s ebook store can be accessed through the ebook reader,  as well as a good number of newspapers, magazines and publications including USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, The Oakland Tribune, Forbes, Popular Science, Barron’s and many more. In addition, Plastic Logic has joined hands with Olive Software – one of the leading digital publishing organizations on the Internet that has partnerships with more than 400 organizations.


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