New eBook Reader from Onyx Boox: i62M

The new eBook reader launched by Onyx is bound to stun with its impressive features. The device is making its way into the United States rather slowly, but people from across Europe and Asia can lay their hands on this beauty quite easily.

The new Onyx reader is similar to the Nook Touch in the physical appearance and one can also associate these ebook readers as the same type of infrared touch screen is embedded in them. Yet the Onyx has profound superiority to the Nook in many aspects, making it an interesting device to ponder.

Onyx Boox i62M

There is a slight confusion with the models of this new 6” ebook reader. The Russian websites list this device by the name of Onyx Boox i62M Captain Nemo while on German websites, Onyx Boox i62 HD is the name used for the device by Onyx. There appears to be no difference between the two versions except for the change in name, but there are some other models of i62M and i62 which do not have HD screens.

The HD screen is a notable feature of the Onyx i62M and i62HD that makes them stand above their competitors. None of the famous ebook readers, including Kindle, Sony and Nook have the HD technology in 6” readers. The commonly used screens are E Ink Pearl Screens, with the resolution of 800 X 600 ppi. The new Onyx Boox has embedded the latest E Ink Pearl Screens showing off a resolution of 1024 X 758. This new pivot in the screen resolution makes the text darker and sharper for the readers and highlights the finer details. Another ebook reader to use this screen technology was the iRiver Story HD which was devoid of touch screen and a number of features; currently, the Onyx i62 is a much better competitor.

The Onyx reader holds lots of valuable features for its users including Wi-Fi for downloading, a built in web-browser and a multi-touch screen. It is powered by a Cortex A8 800MHz processor and has 128 MB of RAM which can be expanded through a micro SD card slot. The box comes with USB output and a mini USB for charging.

Apart from the hardware and physical features, the software abilities of Onyx i62 are also impressive. Tons of eBook formats are easily supported by this ebook reader. Special features like dictionary, notes app, photo viewer, calculator and some games are also added to enhance its usability.

Onyx Boox i62M

A number of different programs for reading eBooks have been facilitated for the i62 users: FB reader and Cool Reader are loaded with customization options and a PDF reader is also a part of the Onyx i62 software. All these features are similar to that of PocketBook eReaders in many aspects.

Ebook readers like the Onyx i62 were very common in the recent past, but it is a pity that since the price reduction by Amazon and Barnes & Noble hit the market, much of the competition has been considerably dropped.
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2 Responses to New eBook Reader from Onyx Boox: i62M

  1. I do not know, if it is the case with Onyx Boox i62M, but another device of that company – Onyx Boox M92, strongly recommended everywhere for its Wi-Fi among others, turned out a total disaster in terms of connection to internet. The browser almost does not work. I know, because I had it and got rid of it after a few weeks. A local authorized representtive of the company confirmed “Frankly speaking, the internet conection is still weak. Maybe an upgrade of the software will help”.
    Apart from this the device has really weak responsiveness – sometimes it seems to freeze for long minutes.
    If the Onyx Boox i62M works like this, I do not recommend it.

    By the way, recently I have bought Pocketbook 622 and felt in love with it immediately – it works without falt.

    Krzysztof June 18, 2012 at 3:48 pm
  2. i went to download one

    emma nzewi May 18, 2013 at 3:35 am

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