Nokia Announces the European eReading App and eBook Store

The not-so-flooded European market of ebook readers has urged Nokia to initiate a strong campaign in order to change that statement. The company has launched an eBook Store and a eReading Application which they plan to market extensively in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Russia.

Users who can avail the eReading App should have any of the Nokia Lumia Smartphones including models 610, 710, 800 and 900. The app is downloadable from Nokia online, while books shall be provided by Overdrive. The basic purpose of this launch is to bring local language ebooks to European countries, where the ebook reader market has not yet boomed. Although most of the European territory is still unexplored, this Nokia app will have a fierce competition with Amazon’s Kindle as well as the Kindle Apps for Android, Mac and iOS, which are already available in France, Italy, Spain and UK.

nokia reading 300x154 Nokia Announces the European eReading App and eBook Store

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The exciting new launch has been signed by lots of world famous publishers including Penguin, Pearson and Hachette. There is a lot of scope for reading free eBooks through this app, as thousands will be available without any cost, as well as chargeable ebooks. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “One Day” and “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” are just some of the world famous favorites which will soon be downloadable through this app.

At the Mobile World Congress which was held in February, Nokia stated: “While ebooks are becoming a common sight in countries like the US and the UK, they are still in their infancy—or basically unavailable—in many parts of the world. And this is where the strength of Nokia Reading lies: in local language e-reading content.” The app offers all the basic features for a comfortable digital reading experience, including multiple font sizes, night mode which flips the background to black and the text to white, and many other features that are not yet specified. The format support and availability of content was not mentioned during the launch, but it seems that the eBook Store will definitely have a good and comprehensive collection.  So far, it was mentioned that “a wide range of local titles, as well as large collection of English titles popular across the world” will be available.

Nokia is planning to elaborate this eReading App a step further by providing audio book support and a News feature in the coming weeks. They have explained that this News Feature will be like a virtual news magazine which will allow users to subscribe to local and international RSS newsfeed.

Nokia Reading on Lumia 900 300x239 Nokia Announces the European eReading App and eBook Store


Although the app is specified to a limited channel of Lumina smartphones, time will tell how successfully it will alter the European ebook reader market to the company’s advantage. The availability of ebooks in local languages is undoubtedly a plus point for Nokia’s success with this launch.

Once a strong Finnish company, Nokia pulls through one more time and is ready to release a valuable product for their faithful users, providing books in European languages and many other cool and still mysterious features.

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  1. how do nokia phone java users download the ebook reader

    Sotonye Orupabo September 13, 2012 at 8:09 am

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