The Gaming Tablets Have Arrived

In the previous year, Intel tabled the concept of Project Fionna at its booth of CES. The concept was of a pure gaming tablet having two analog gaming remotes projected at both sides of the tablet for a one of a kind experience. This year, Razer has polished its concept and has developed a commercially sustainable product. This development by Razer Edge has been made after a long effort of taking feedback from its hardcore users and improving accordingly. The basic idea behind the concept was to bring portability to the games which people play within their homes, such as Call Of Duty and Skyrim. The final result of this long effort is bearing fruits with the name tag of Razer Edge.

Razer Edge 300x240 The Gaming Tablets Have Arrived

Razer Edge

“We wanted something that wasn’t Angry Birds,” said Min-Liang Tan, Razer’s CEO, co-founder and creative director.

The Razer Edge has a 10.1 inch screen featuring a screen resolution of 1366X768 pixels. The device is powered by an Intel i5 processor with 4GB of RAM. The Nvidia GT 640M GPU processor is especially installed to power the graphics at a great speed. This tablet is nothing but a pure gaming device as one can find out by its initial price tag of $999.99. The tablet is twice as thinner as the Apple iPad and is 25 percent heavier to it. Gamers who want more boost to their gaming machine, there is a choice of a $1,300 Pro version which has a Core i7 processor to satisfy the hardcore gaming fans along with 8GB of RAM and a 128 or 265GB solid drive.

The tablet is one of the debutants of Windows 8 PRO. It will turn the gamers’ dreams into reality by allowing them to play Diablo 3, Star Wars, Old Republic, Warhammer 40K and many. At CES, one area had a television connected to the tablet through HDMI and two gamers were playing Diablo. This means that the tablet will be an exclusive replacement of the previously established gaming systems.

The major pitfall of the Razer Edge gaming tablet is none other than a meager battery time which will last not more than a mere 2 hours. This is an absolute damaging point for the gaming system. To compensate for this, Razer has sorted out to issue extra batteries which can be inserted in the back of the device to add extra hours to the small battery time. But this is a tablet which most definitely fails to replace your PlayStation or Nintendo.

Razor gaming tab 275x300 The Gaming Tablets Have Arrived

Razor gaming tab

Razer has announced its shipping procedures and told that it will take the orders from its website. The company also detailed on its plans to get some retailers on board (Best Buy) but didn’t further elaborate on other retailers such as Newegg, NCIX or alike to carry the product for sales. The product along with its accessories will be available on the virtual market at the same time in the summer.

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