McGraw-Hill Boosts Digital Education

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas and has already unleashed some phenomenal products and improvements. Some of the excellent enhancements have been introduced in the arena of education and digital textbooks. After the announcements by software company Kno, about the interactive study dashboard named Kno-Me, McGraw-Hill was next with their latest interactive adaptive technology. This new enhancement will allow users to find out their learning speed with improved digitalized metric system.

McGraw LearnSmart

McGraw LearnSmart

The famous LearnSmart program by McGraw-Hill has been extended into SmartBook, the only adaptive ebook ever introduced to the market. The latest technique allows the learners to focus only on the most important material of all the present information, thereby helping the college level students to target only the most crucial parts of the lessons.

Brian Kibby, the president of McGraw-Hill Higher Education, detailed in a press release: “Since the launch of LearnSmart in 2009, we’ve developed a deep understanding of how personalized learning through adaptive technology helps improve student performance,”

He added: “Bringing our expertise and proven effectiveness in adaptive learning to new areas of the learning experience represents an enormous opportunity, both for McGraw-Hill Education and students, instructors and institutions across the country. With the launch of SmartBook and the rest of the LearnSmart Advantage suite, we continue to lead higher education in using adaptive technology to help improve student performance.”

The technique of adaptive learning works in a digitalized way thanks to the new metrics system inculcated in the digital textbooks. By using this metrics system, a student gets to maximize his study time by knowing the parts of the material he has already mastered and finding out those areas of study that need more focus and reinforcement. This way, students improve their evaluation preparation and teachers also utilize the classroom time more efficiently by reviewing the already learnt material on LearnSmart.



The brand new technique has been based on a range of materials developed by McGraw-Hill including the SmartBook, LearnSmartPrep, LearnSmartLabs and LearnSmartAchieve. All these materials constitute a suite which integrates together to enhance the student study time, knowledge and achievement. The various programs of the LearnSmart Suite are provided in almost 100 course arenas. These LearnSmart programs will be enhanced further in the coming spring and in the beginning will cost less than 20 dollars for the students and parents for direct purchase.

“In three short years, LearnSmart has become the dominant adaptive learning program in higher education,” said Brian Kibby , president of McGraw-Hill Higher Education. “As we surpass the one million students mark, we’re proud of the positive impact that LearnSmart has made on achievement for the one million students who have used the system and are excited about the impact it will have on the next million students. We look forward to extending the power of adaptive learning to the full lifecycle of a course to help create even more dramatic gains.”
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