Kno Me Enhances Digital Textbooks Once More

As the world is witnessing a steady increase in digitalized textbooks across the globe for students and educational caliber of every age, the topmost educational software company Kno is enhancing its textbooks further than its already impressive image of “quality and fully interactive e-textbooks”. The latest launch of Kno Me will add a visual dashboard for the students, feature that will guide them in their study patterns. The visual dashboard will have manifold uses. It will detail the students of how effective their learning strategies are and how effectively they have utilized their time. It will also allow students to interact with their classmates and compare their study strategies. The dashboard will help students in reaching their full potentials by carefully analyzing their own pattern of study on regular basis before the finalization of their exams.

know me platform Kno Me Enhances Digital Textbooks Once More

kno me platform

Osman Rashid, the CEO and Co-founder of Kno, detailed in an interview: “Students can check in frequently with each Kno textbook they use to see the time spent reading, the notes they’ve taken, the flashcards they’ve mastered, which really helps them monitor their progress and have more insight into their learning behavior and how they’re studying,” he added: “Students have no way of knowing about their study effectiveness until it’s too late. Kno Me makes them more self-aware so they can focus on the right things at the right time.”

Each textbook produced by Kno has been incorporated with the dashboard course manager. The Kno Me Dashboard has a social interactional approach that allows the student to follow the reading strategies of their classmates and make comparative analysis of progress in relation to them.

“Students can request to follow another student in the class, or they can invite others to follow them. This gives students insight into how other students in the class are studying the material. This begins to help students fine tune their study behaviors and manage their study time wisely,” Rashid further stated. “We believe engagement is a leading indicator of performance, and the more the student is engaged with the content and knows how to study the content, the better outcome he or she will have.”

The statistics provided by the dashboard includes the number of pages read, number of annotations taken during a reading, number of bookmarked items and number of glossary terms memorized. As this information is processed and saved for the user, they are informed by “smart alerts” of their progress and the time and areas they need to spend more on study.

kno me platform Kno Me Enhances Digital Textbooks Once More

kno me platform

“We tried to create a simple product they can use to track their patterns. To start, we wanted to keep this simple and straightforward to get students used to the concept, and from there we can go forward.”

Kno Me will be introduced and made an important part of all the textbooks produced by Kno. These textbooks are also available for iPad, Windows 8 and web browsers. Kno is now working to extend the compatibility to Android and Windows 7.

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