First Reader to Support Full EPUB3 – Gyan, by Helicon Books

EPUB3 has been launched but all of its latest features are not supported by most of the readers currently present on the market. In fact, many of the latest features of EPUB3 are entirely not supported by the current readers. But with the launch of Helicon Book’s Gyan Reader, the company asserts that their latest device supports all the latest EPUB3 features for the first time in the ebook reader world.

Among the major companies, only Apple has embedded the support for most of the EPUB3 features. Kobo also announced its intention to fully support the EPUB3 features within this New Year.

Gyan Reader 180x300 First Reader to Support Full EPUB3   Gyan, by Helicon Books

Gyan Reader

Israeli ebook production house Helicon Books has launched the ebook reader running on Android and fully supporting all the EPUB3 features. Helicon Books is an ebook production house which specializes in EPUB3. The company also produces ebook marketing technology. The features of the new reader include:

  • Complete support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) along with the support for animated SVG. SVG provides image resizing without any loss of picture or video quality. The animated SVG enables users to click and zoom factions of the images and watch them move.
  • Featuring mathematical formulas with the use of W3C MathML standard. The markup language that renders mathematical formulas.
  • Javascript support ensuing greater interactive books. This programming language provides developers to feature more interactivity in their website and books.
  • Supporting RLT languages featuring page progression direction. This means the support for languages such as Arabic and Hebrew which are written from left to right. Also the support for top to bottom languages including Chinese and Japanese.
  • Supporting Media Overlay (a feature known as speak aloud as interpreted by Apple, provided for audio books or text with audio mix and simple audio. This feature adds a layer of audio over the text and reader highlights the text which the audio is talking of.
  •  Supporting fixed layout features specially for comics and kid’s books
  • Supporting integrated video feature.

The latest standard also embeds HTML5 and CSS3 for pages. These features also enable users to enjoy many design capabilities like round corner ability, CSS animation etc.

Helicon Books also claim that the reader supports many more advanced features than those listed above. It provides support for interactive 3D images which can be rotated to see the images from all directions.

Helicon Books First Reader to Support Full EPUB3   Gyan, by Helicon Books

Helicon Books

The latest reader can be bought for US $498 from the Google Play Store. The company also announced that the reader will provide iOS support as well in the long run.

EPUB says that the complete features in EPUB3 are perfect for interactive books and tour guides, navigating through maps with the simplified feature of clicking on a region to get a closer look, scientific and mathematical publications that come with mathematical formulas, interactive books that will use the help of the new Javascript support of the reader and such fixed layout books like comics and kids books.

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