BookBoon’s Sold Its 40th Million eBook

As the holiday weekend came closer, many consumers were off from work directly to stores, for the usual holiday shopping. For these reasons, the founder and chief of BookBoon, Thomas Buus Madsen saw live how a new record was broken by his company in the holiday weekend 2012. BookBoon reached its 40th million eBook download over the buzzing holiday weekend.

Buss Madsen said in a Press Release, just days before the weekend started: “It is very likely that the 40 millionth book will be downloaded somewhere in the United States, where users are most active around those hours. Tuesday, we were merely lacking 250,000 downloads, so we are very excited at the Bookboon headquarters,”

It is not too difficult to find the reasons for such a record breaking sale of BookBoon. For one, the ebook publisher primarily concentrates on distribution of textbooks, business books and travel guides. Second reason, not offered by many other companies, is that its ebooks are free.

BookBoon website 300x168 BookBoons Sold Its 40th Million eBook

BookBoon website

As most of the books are written by freelancers or private writers, BookBoon has found a way to distribute its titles completely free of charge by adding advertisements on the ebook pages. Also, most of these titles are not the books that students buy in campus, but many of them have some extra information that can be used as an additional reference material without any cost, thanks to BookBoon. These reference materials serve as guides and study aids to complement the study material. Although the presence of advertisements on ebooks pages may be a source of concern and irritation for some users, most have provided a positive feedback on the whole system. Because of the huge success of this procedure, Buss Madsen is planning to follow the trend in the coming year as well.

“In 2012 we published 200 new books – we intend to double it this year.  Furthermore, we collected over 175.000 Facebook fans in 2012, and look forward to reaching half a million in 2013. The 40 million downloads was an increase of 400% compared to 2011. Growing by the same rate in 2013 sounds like a very big challenge but following our success in 2012, we have no doubt the new year will be full of surprises.”

Buss Madsen further stated: “We know the current pricing of textbooks is discouraging students from purchasing the mandatory reading, but we are changing that. Our mission is to make it possible for students to go through university without having to spend a single dollar on textbooks, and we are already making a difference for many students.”

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bookboon search

“The ads are targeted at specific students. If you are a Senior Engineering student, you will see engineering companies telling you about future career opportunities,” explains Buss Madsen.

BookBoon is currently offering more than 800 free textbooks on their websites with advertisement at the bottom of every 4-5 pages.

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