ABNA 2012 Winner Regina Sirois Sees Her Dream Come True

2012 ABNA winner Regina Sirois, author of the successful fiction novel “On Little Wings”, who self-published the book, stated she was quite satisfied with the whole development. The only aspect missing from the process was an opportunity to get her novel on the bookshelves of bookstores. She was quite happy with the online printing and publishing, but the hardcover experience was missing from the process.

ABNA 300x214 ABNA 2012 Winner Regina Sirois Sees Her Dream Come True


The author explained in an interview: “That is the one hurdle I couldn’t break, I loved being a self-published author, but getting it in bookstores was the last gate I couldn’t get through.”

In spite of her disappointment, her wish is going to come true pretty soon as her novel won the young adult category for the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novels Award. It has been announced that the winner in each of the two categories will get to win a publishing contract with Penguin and $15,000. Regina Sirois will surely see her dream come.

In her speech at ABNA, she thanked for the opportunity and was obviously overwhelmed and extremely happy. Jokingly she mentioned that she was not going to enter in this competition, but her husband forced her at the last moment, just when the contest was about to close. She added that she did not believe in entering in this competition and rendered it as a huge waste of time, thus resisting her husband for a long time. However, he threatened he would enter her in the competition if she didn’t; in the end she entered herself, signing up late at night, tired and angry at him. She admitted in the ABNA speech that it was thanks to him that she was where she was.

Her novel competed well through every stage of the contest, finally to take a big win after being selected for the final round by Amazon readers. Consequently, her novels will be edited by a professional and re-released in the summer of 2013.

Regina Sirois 300x199 ABNA 2012 Winner Regina Sirois Sees Her Dream Come True

Regina Sirois

The best prize ever to be awarded to contestants of the ABNA and the Indie Reader Discovery Award were contracts for each step they needed to take in the publishing arena. Thousands of competitors have to provide a pitch, a synopsis and a complete manuscript of their creation; the winner is the one that captures the attention of the judges and readers, throughout all of those parts. This method of producing in separate steps allows authors to look deep into their written materials and review their concepts in great detail, as each step is important for their advancement through the competition and for the final results.


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