Kobo’s Special Mini Offer, Courtesy of Saint Valentine

Kobo is planning to make Valentine’s Day even better with the promotion offer on its five inch Mini ebook reader. The promotion began on January 25th and will end on February 14th 2013. Users can still get the device for $59.99 and a complimentary snapback case with a choice of their favorite color.

Kobo Mini colors 300x164 Kobos Special Mini Offer, Courtesy of Saint Valentine


The promotion was offered in a memo released by Kobo through Ingram to Indie bookstores gathered together for American Booksellers Association. Kobo pays $20 to stores for the sale of every Kobo Mini during the time of this offer. $12 will also be paid to shops for every free snapback giveaway. The American Booksellers Association members can get the information about this promotion on the ABA website.

The Kobo Mini is a promising ebook reader, with access to Wi-Fi, in order to get ebooks right onto the device. Customers usually complain of its very small sized screen which could be a hindrance during serious reading. Retailers like Chapters and Indigo have been offering Kobo Mini for free with the purchase of the ARC tablet.

The size is a major factor in Kobo Mini which weighs around 5 ounces, is only 1.4 inches thick and has a 5 inch screen size which displays 16 levels of grey scale in E Ink with touchscreen navigation. The battery life is pretty good without Wi-Fi and can last up to a month without accessing the Internet. The 2GB of built-in storage, according to Kobo, can hold 1,000 ebooks in the palm-sized ebook reader.

The Kobo store provides an option of accessing millions of ebooks, newspapers and magazines exactly like Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle stores. Kobo doesn’t provide as much hardware space as its competitors but for this meager price, the Kobo Mini is totally worth it.

At the price of two hardcover books, you can get a reader which supports various formats like EPUB, PDF, MOBI, TXT and HTML along with other formats like CBR and CBZ comic books pages.

The text on the ebooks is small, but the no-glare Pearl E-Ink screen provides a crisp and clear view, even during bright sunlight. The page turns are also efficient with a simple tap or swipe. The font customization and page turn customization are also offered on Mini for an adjustable reading.

kobo mini details Kobos Special Mini Offer, Courtesy of Saint Valentine

kobo mini_details

While the hardware and Wi-Fi facility makes this ebook reader a sound choice, the lighter and portable Kobo Mini has a very small screen much like a smartphone. So if you already have a smartphone, then buying this specific ebook reader is not a very good choice because you can simply save your money by installing the eReader app on your smartphone to access lots of ebooks.

However, Kobo Mini is quite a lovely little ebook reader which makes a perfect gift for your loved ones, on this Valentine’s Day. The light weight device has a few “cons”, but at the same time, the access to Wi-Fi and to millions of ebooks is definitely worth a shot at this price.

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