Kobo Touch, Now with 1.9.17 Firmware Update

Kobo is one of the few ebook reader producers that seem to keep their position on the market. Together with Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Kobo creates the “e-reader triangle” of companies that have the North American monopoly. In the past month, more and more e-reader producers have faced clearance of their products from most retailers and the device itself seems to lose face against the rise of the tablet. However, the three giants hold on strongly to their position and continually release upgrades and new features for their ebook readers, ensuring that their products are still top notch and the people who actually prefer using an e-reader rather than a tablet will keep using one of their devices.

Kobo is well known for its resistance against Amazon and B&N and for its cool devices that seem to hold a high percentage among ebook reader sales. Their next step is to release a new version of firmware for their first touchscreen e-reader, bringing enhancements and a number of extra key features that should increase the device’s responsiveness, its speed and integration of new software such as Facebook Timeline.

Out this upcoming week, the Kobo Touch 1.9.17 firmware and the Kobo Desktop Manager software are the first update Kobo has released in the last few months and we are confident the difference will be considerable.

These are just a few of the new features that Kobo will make available in next week to their faithful e-reader users:

–       More responsive page-turn taps
–       Increased navigation speed
–       Improved home screen memory of carousel choices
–       Improved sync performance
–       Improved Wi-Fi connectivity and troubleshooting
–       Facebook Timeline compatibility
–       Improved SD card performance
–       Improved general performance and stability

Kobo Touch

Desktop 2.1.17

–       Recommendations on “hover”
–       Improved syncing performance
–       Fixed navigation issues
–       Improved annotation syncing between ebook reader and desktop software
–       General performance improvement and bug fixes

The Kobo Touch is a good e-reader as it is, but the slight changes the company is bringing forth might just turn the device into a great one. It’s curious that they have waited so long to release a firmware update, but Kobo users everywhere will be delighted the company has decided to finally do so. It’s quite difficult to keep up these days, especially if the product you’re offering is slowly but surely being replaced by a shinier, slicker and more equipped big brother. This is actually what the ebook reader is going through these days, trying to keep up with the fast moving world of the tablet. On the other hand, there are millions of people out there who still prefer the simplicity of an e-reader and wouldn’t part with their devices for anything, and that’s the group Kobo is now appealing to. The new updated version of the Kobo Touch is sure to be successful and welcome, especially since Kobo users already know and love the device, and they will appreciate even more the upgraded version of their favorite electronic reader.
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2 Responses to Kobo Touch, Now with 1.9.17 Firmware Update

  1. I just bought my Kobo Touch a couple of weeks ago. I have just found out through your website that there is a new version of Kobo Touch. Will you be offering a special deal to compensate people like me so I/we can get an upgrade? I really like my Kobo and the upgrades sound amazing. I feel like I’m missing out on a great product by purchasing mine only a couple of weeks ago. I’d appreciate it if you would help me out in some way.

    Bev Toews April 28, 2012 at 9:54 pm
  2. Georgiana Apetroaei April 29, 2012 at 12:33 pm

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