New from Ectaco: JetBook Color 2 eBook Reader

Ectaco has recently launched its Jetbook Color 2 ebook reader, but has done it in a quiet manner. The question is why? The next generation Jetbook is embedded with E-ink Triton 2, making it attractive enough so that technology enthusiasts will surely embrace it. E-Ink Triton 2 is actually a new generation color screen for a conventional range of ebook readers. This display embeds a layer of film that allows high contrast and indeed much sharper display features in comparison to the previous generation of ebook readers. Triton 1 comprised 2×2 pixels in red, green, blue and white grid along with a square color filter. The Triton 2 also comprises the similar color display but instead of square pixels, it uses rectangular ones that allow 4096 degrees of color, providing 16 levels of each nuance.

JetBook Color 2

JetBook Color 2

Ectaco uses a different marketing approach to promote this new product. Unlike other market giants, Ectaco is targeting students and educational institutions for the promotion of the Jetbook Color 2. With this unique strategy, the company has successfully run projects in New York schools. Many schools have already started using the JetBook Color in their classrooms. The ebook reader has been carefully designed to include educational software; for example, there are specially designed programs for preparing for the SAT exam, to solve mathematics problems, spelling questions or higher level physics exercises.

Jetbook Color 2 has the same physical and hardware features of its predecessors. The major differences however, are the screen technology and the much smoother device performance. The ebook reader features a 9.7 E-Ink Triton 2 Screen having a resolution of 1600X1200 pixels. It is powered by Freescale i.MX508 800MHz with an ARM Cortex A8 CPU processor. However, the processor is not up to the device’s objective performance. It still responds quite slowly to the page turns, menu navigation and to starting programs.

The device comes with 4 GB of internal memory, which reduces to almost half because of the jam packed student and educational software on the device. But the internal memory is still pretty much enough for basic use. If more internal memory is required to keep music, books and other files, the Jetbook allows expandable memory via MicroSD card up to 32 GB. No eBook store has been offered via the device, but the users can load JPEG files for visuals as well as content in EPUB, MOBI and Adobe DRM formats. Ebooks can be accessed through library loans or other user sources. The device comes with Wi-Fi, Wacom Touchscreen, a long time battery, text-to-speech technology localizations and menus in a number of languages, scribbling and freehand writing access, dictionaries and a translator.



Ectaco has priced this device at $499.99 but they are available on sale now through Ectaco’s own website.

David Lubinitsky, CEO, Ectaco,Inc was questioned about the user’s part in this update and he stated: “The customers always provide invaluable feedback which we often use in development. The education of America’s youth is at stake here, paying extreme attention to detail is a priority with the JetBook Color 2”.
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