Where to Find Free eBooks on the Web

The increasing trend to buy smartphones, ebook readers and tablets has the purpose to facilitate carrying a larger number of books on you. It is usually very expensive to buy ebooks from Amazon and other retail stores, thus users have started to hunt free options on the Internet. Public domain books are those downloadable for free, because their copyrights have expired. There are many interesting places on the Internet to find such free eBooks.

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The public domain ebooks are usually in EPUB format which is embedded in 95% of the ebook readers available in market. Some public domain ebooks are also available in MOBI format, which is the reader version found in Kindle. Calibre is a free program which converts one format from another without any hassle, if you happen not to find the right format of ebook.

Below there is a short list with a few places to find quite handsome ranges of public domain ebooks:

FeedBooks: The website does not require registration. You can simply navigate through the website easily by browsing the author or book names. The ebooks are in EPUB format without DRM.

Books should be Free: This website has a wide collection of free ebooks and audio books. The site is excellent to browse through genre categories, aiding a lot in finding the desired ebooks. The audio content format is MP3, usually found in most players and readers available on the market. The website provides a range of formats on each ebook. EPUB, PDA, MOBI and TXT formats are available for every ebook, meaning you won’t need to convert the format through any software.

eBooks@Adelaide: The website by University of Adelaide in Australia provides a vast collection of ebooks. Some of them are read-only while others are downloadable. The downloading formats are MOBI and EPUB and you also get “Read it later” or “print” options on the website. The website navigation is not very easy, having a blog format, but if you know what you want, it’s easier to locate through the search bar.

Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg is probably the most known public domain website. The huge collection of ebooks over 30,000 in number is the reason why people are so fond of this website. It is definitely a viable solution to ebook search in a number of formats.

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MobileRead: Another excellent source of free public domain ebooks is the Mobile Read Forum Community. The forum is very effective to find and request ebooks, if they are not available. Because it is a forum community, people will help you find the required ebook. The website features all important formats and also works well with old Sony and Microsoft extensions.

Google Books: In addition to the paid Google Play Bookstore, Google also offers a stunning number of free ebooks. The online giant has partnered up with thousands of libraries around the globe to digitalize their books. This means you can download European books in any corner of the world. Google ebooks has fantastic collection for your liking, including the digitalized version of the mysterious Dead Sea Scrolls.

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