New Cloud Storage by Bookeen, with Thalia and Deutsche Telekom

Bookeen has recently obtained a partnership on a new cloud storage system for ebooks in collaboration with Thalia Books and Deutsche Telekom of Germany. In addition to managing the new storage system, there is another superb feature which allows all Cybooks in the Thalia ebook stores to synchronize the content including latest ebooks, archived ebooks, opened pages on devices and the last page read, on the Thalia system.

Further, Bookeen provides a new characteristic on this generation of ebook readers. They allow all the bookstores to get linked with the device, developing a more direct relationship between ebook stores and the users. This means that all the new Bookeen partners will be allowed to integrate their content on the ebook readers – feature not used by any other company to this date.

To move forward the new deal, Bookeen has added on Thalia and Cybook devices new features like OTA firmware updates. The future expects innovative collaboration with the Thalia team including ground-breaking reading solutions, to be launched later this year.

Thalia Director Digital and Mobile, Dr Bernhard Mischke says: “Our collaboration with Bookeen enabled us to offer our customers e-reading devices of high quality. The e-reader Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight, for example, has been a great success, especially throughout the Christmas season. Therefore, we plan to continue our cooperation as well as improving the current range of products.”

Bookeen Odyssey Thalia2 223x300 New Cloud Storage by Bookeen, with Thalia and Deutsche Telekom


Michael Dahan, Bookeen CEO, says: “We are delighted to be continuing our work with prestigious partners as such as Thalia and Deutsche Telekom for their e-reader solution. Since we announced our partnership with Thalia last summer, we have seen a significant success in sales of the Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight sold by Thalia. This demonstrates that there is a strong market for e-reading in Germany and we are still continuing to position Bookeen as one of the industry leaders in Europe.”

He further added: “Thalia has clearly proven to be one of the most influential booksellers in Europe by taking a leading position in this new digital revolution. We had an amazing start to our partnership during the summer and this is a great opportunity for Bookeen to broaden this collaboration by bringing our new products and innovation to German customers by working with Thalia. By offering our new Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight exclusively to Thalia in Germany this is clearly a key step in our partnership going forward.”

Michael Busch, Thalia CEO: “We at Thalia have a solid foundation of experience in eBooks and eReading. This expanded partnership with Bookeen, after a very successful launch in June, is therefore an important step as it brings together our common experience in this domain. Our customers will be able to discover Bookeen’s new FrontLight technology within major bookshops thanks to our expert booksellers. The rapid developments in the e-reader market as well as the increase in the distribution of eBooks justify Thalia’s strategy to invest in this sector.”

With this established partnership, Bookeen is positively positioning itself as the only European company in competition with Amazon Kindle and Kobo.

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