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What do you want for Christmas? Best eBook Readers under $100

These days there are so many eBook Readers on the market that even the most informed person in the matter might need a while to decide which one is the best in terms of quality, software, design, battery life and of course, price. Below, there is a list of the most popular eBook Readers under $100. Most of them are new models, but there are some refurbished editions that came out with extra features and software updates.
Kindle Touch – $99: this model is… Read the rest

Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader

The advent for the era for an ebook reader is definitely inevitable. Book selling has taken a new twist especially with the emergence of stiff competition between the Barnes & Noble and its archrival Amazon.com. People now have to weigh and consider whether to get a Kindle ebook reader or B&N’s Nook ebook reader.
The emergence of B&N’s Nook ebook reader has signaled that bookselling has now taken a new form of competition that is shaped by the current digital trend in almost all aspects… Read the rest

Barnes & Noble Nook Color -an ebook reader tablet

Barnes & Noble NOOK Color is growing to be ever more popular nowadays, and one can find several logical reasons. You may be wondering about the distinction among the Kindle and the NOOK Color to find out which one to purchase, if you’re searching for an ebook reader.
B&N Nook Color
Enjoy Colored Display. While the NOOK Color and the Kindle are generally digital ebook readers, they are completely different in features in numerous ways from one another. Having said that, one particular distinction… Read the rest

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New eBook Reader from Onyx Boox: i62M

The new eBook reader launched by Onyx is bound to stun with its impressive features. The device is making its way into the United States rather slowly, but people from across Europe and Asia can lay their hands on this beauty quite easily.
The new Onyx reader is similar to the Nook Touch in the physical appearance and one can also associate these ebook readers as the same type of infrared touch screen is embedded in them. Yet the Onyx has profound superiority to the… Read the rest

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