Apple Worried About the New Samsung Tablet?

Apple attacked Samsung for producing the identical look and feel of its iPad in the Galaxy Tab range of tablets and now the Apple people has got a tough time ahead, as Samsung is preparing to launch a tablet which will surely be a strong competition for the iPad. The latest tablet is suspected to be released sometime in 2012, with the code name P10. Samsung is aiming to take on the direct source which brought iPad to its celebrated success- the retina display.

apple vs samsung 300x217 Apple Worried About the New Samsung Tablet?

apple vs samsung

Samsung is trying to deliver at least 2560 x 1600 pixels in a 11.8 inch frame which will make it appear in 256ppi in comparison to 264 ppi which is currently deployed in iPad. The figure shows a few pixels less but the figures are usually for academic people. For users, the screen is going to display spectacular colors, even more so than its competitor does.

As Samsung prepares to rule the tablet world, it is not just banking on screen technology. The new tablet will be equipped with a new processor technology designed for a manifold increase in tablet efficiency. The Exynos 5 dual ARM A15 32nm chipset is the latest addition by Samsung and is powered with twin cores at 1.7 Ghz. It is designed on the same ARM cortex on which Qualcomm Snapdragon was based.

In addition to display and processor, a tablet has to offer some appealing features in order to capture the attention of buyers. Samsung has done pretty well with the Samsung Galaxy SIII making it certain that they will add some amazing new features to make their new tablet exciting.

Although Galaxy SIII, along with other tablets offered by Samsung have been entirely Android operated, it is still not clear about the operating system on which the upcoming tablet will be based. If the announcement of this tablet was made a few months earlier, we simply could have predicted another Android based tablet in the making, only by looking at Jelly Bean Nexus 7 which shows how friendly is Android’s latest version for users. But now Microsoft Windows 8 has also a chance to appear in this tablet, specifically the Windows 8 RT version which is designed to operate on ARM chip based tablets.

Apple Vs Samsung 300x198 Apple Worried About the New Samsung Tablet?


Whatever it will be, it can be clearly assumed that Samsung is set to provide an extremely interactive user experience on their upcoming P10, whichever OS they will choose. Samsung has already demonstrated its capabilities on the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the latest P10 will surely work wonders if something similar will be experimented on it.

The missing information about the upcoming P10, including its price and availability are hopefully to come out soon. Even now the rumors are in the air that the tablet has already made it to FCC. Although the name in the listing is Samsung GT-8110, it can well be a code to hide the original thing which is planned to come out later, in order to hit the market with a big bang.

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