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iPad Mini, the Future of Apple?

Since its release in April 2010, the Apple iPad has revolutionized the electronics market. What appeared at first to be a simple evolution of the Smart phone, or a simplified laptop, the iPad proved to be far more than the sum of its parts, and immediately it created a whole new market for tablet computers, with many people happily replacing their home computers with these portable, affordable, and fashionable devices performing the average consumer’s basic needs faster, more efficiently and in more places than had… Read the rest

Apple Worried About the New Samsung Tablet?

Apple attacked Samsung for producing the identical look and feel of its iPad in the Galaxy Tab range of tablets and now the Apple people has got a tough time ahead, as Samsung is preparing to launch a tablet which will surely be a strong competition for the iPad. The latest tablet is suspected to be released sometime in 2012, with the code name P10. Samsung is aiming to take on the direct source which brought iPad to its celebrated success- the retina display. apple… Read the rest

Apple Urges Retailers to Stop Selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple has been fiercely pressing the case against Samsung in courts and has recently added Google Nexus to the battle. The latest update in these battles are the new letters sent by Apple which say that retailers who are selling Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are committing contempt of court as they are working against court ruling. The letters sent by Apple warned the retailers “‘immediately remove for sale the [banned product] from all physical and online venues under [their] direction or control”. Samsung Galaxy Tab… Read the rest

Marvel Digital Comics Now in Infinity Format

Marvel used the new Infinity Format for their digital comic they released a few weeks ago. This new technology gives an unusual experience of HD comics when viewed on the Apple iPad. This new feature provides you a pleasant robust feeling never experienced before, when you read your favorite comics. It lets you read with dialogue box transitions, blacked-out pages and cinematic cuts which are much more innovative then simple panel to panel on-screen comics. Marvel comics characters Marvel released their first comic in this… Read the rest

The eBook and eBook Reader Wars

At this moment, the eBook market giants are at loggerheads with each other for digital content they provide through their stores. Major companies like Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble along with some other major publishers are battling online and in courtrooms for their digital business. At first there wasn’t any competition, when Amazon introduced their Kindle ebook reader on the market in 2007 and Sony presented their device in 2006. Now lots of new ebook readers have been introduced to the market, by several companies.… Read the rest

Top 10 Apps for the Apple iPad 3 with Retina Display

The Apple iPad 3 or HD has just hit the market a few days ago and everyone is eager to see what the fuss is all about. Those who pre-ordered it are already able to test it thoroughly, and those who didn’t are able to get it from the Apple Store, Staples or Futureshop. The word was that many changes will be spotted on the new model, especially related to the video quality, as the iPad 3 features a staggering 2048 x 1536 Retina Display.… Read the rest

New from Apple: the iPad HD

We have all came to know and love the latest baby of the Apple family, namely iPad 2. It looks and feels great, with its slim features and comfortable grip, its responsive touchscreen and awesome software it comes with. It is relatively pricy, as are all Apple products, but the level of proficiency is high, so some would say it’s worth its cost. iPad HD March 2012 is an important month for Apple. They are releasing an updated, upgraded version of the iPad 2, the… Read the rest

Facts, Figures and Rumors as of January 2012

January has been a busy month for everyone. With the arrival of 2012, a lot of things changed and many more are about to in the months to come. In general; but particularly in the tech world. Still, January is the months of rumours, promises of products to come and legends of the year past. Tablets of 2011 2011 was a great year for Apple and we know this after their announcement of last week. Stepping on many shoes, they released their total sale number… Read the rest

Apple Thinking Different … Prices for the iPads

Apple has always been a leader in the tablet world, providing quality products with impressive features and equipped with top notch applications. All these come in a slick package with the Apple brand on it and deserve to have the high price they display at the moment. People are impressed by iPhones, they love iPads and are willing to pay the price for such high quality merchandise. Or are they? iPad 2 Together with the launch of the new Kindle Fire tablet and the brand… Read the rest

New eBook Reader from Onyx Boox: i62M

The new eBook reader launched by Onyx is bound to stun with its impressive features. The device is making its way into the United States rather slowly, but people from across Europe and Asia can lay their hands on this beauty quite easily. The new Onyx reader is similar to the Nook Touch in the physical appearance and one can also associate these ebook readers as the same type of infrared touch screen is embedded in them. Yet the Onyx has profound superiority to the… Read the rest

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