Kindle 4th Generation – What’s New?

As Amazon launched its new range of Kindle Fire HD tablets in the recent weeks, one of the other things that came under immense highlight was their revised 4thgeneration Kindle ebook reader. While the brand new model spots a complete black design, the older version was silver in color. Amazon created a strong build up for the 15% faster page turns of the new 2012 edition as well as for its deeper fonts. Let’s compare the older and new versions to conclude whether the created hype is well-deserved or just a farce.

Kindle 2012

The 4th Generation Kindle spots a 6 inch e-Ink Pearl Screen which works with a resolution of 600×800 pixels. The screen offers 16 levels of grayscale and 167 PPI which are similar to the previous Kindle editions. The device has 2GB memory which cannot be expanded via SD or microSD card and only 1.25 GB is available to load the content. The battery life lasts for 4 weeks with only 4 hours of recharge which is a fairly impressive feature in the 4th generation Kindle. The device is chargeable through MicroUSB port which is also used to load content via the computer. The physical keyboard which was present in all previous editions was removed in the 4th generation Kindle which reduced the size considerably and helped in increasing the portability of the reader. However, the virtual keyboard and lack of expandable memory are two key drawbacks of this Kindle.

The 2012 edition is Wi-Fi only with a 6 inch E Ink Pearl Display and optimized font technology which provides darker fonts for a better reading experience. The screen works successfully under direct sunlight without any glare and the wireless device does not require a computer to download the content. Amazon store can be accessed directly which is definitely a huge plus for this new edition. The memory capacity has not been changed at all, but Amazon content can be saved onto the free cloud storage which makes up well for casual users.

The new version is 30% lighter, weighs about 170 grams and is 18% smaller than its predecessor which provides a better reading experience for longer sessions. The battery life is as impressive as the previous version as it lasts for almost a complete month with just a single recharge but the statistics vary according to the use of Wi-Fi. The device is chargeable through USB cable via computer and gets charged in approximately 3 hours.


The processor has been improved for 10% faster page turns; however, this feature is not strikingly noticeable but works faster than the original. Added features like Whispersync and a built-in dictionary definitely add to the value of the 2012 edition.

At $69 with built in Wi-Fi and a sleek look, the 4th Generation 2012 Kindle definitely ranks better than its 2011 edition.
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