Best eReading Experience Offered by the New Kindle Black

This might not even cross your mind – the latest $69 basic Kindle is out for grabs. With its stunning price, it is the cheapest ebook reader available on the market and it features the darkest and boldest fonts. There’s a very thin yet negligible line between this and the others but it is, nevertheless, the winner.

Even the Kindle Paperwhite, which presents a higher resolution screen, may not top the basic Kindle. Actually, the fonts on the Kindle essay writing services Paperwhite are thinner and sharper. The fonts may seem dark and bold to you, but they aren’t even close to the basic Kindle.

Yes of course, with respect to Kobo’s ebook readers, they have advanced font weight settings. The Kobo Glo comes close, especially if you set the font to Caecilia and maximize weight setting. However, the text will turn book report writer rougher and fuzzier. When using Kindle, it looks a little inkier because the text is more refined and gets so in tune with the E Ink screen.

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Last year, a basic Kindle was released and this year’s basic Kindle is no different. If you said that the fonts look exactly the same, you would have a valid pint because at a first glance there’s no difference. But a professional eye might notice that they are, in fact, not the same. There are reasons why this year’s basic Kindle appears to be the best. It is black instead of grey, which makes its font even darker. Black ebook readers, make text look darker, and even though it’s just an optical illusion, it’s a feature that thickens and darkens the fonts.

There’s even more to this. The newest basic Kindle undoubtedly has slightly darker fonts, even eliminating the optical illusion. If you compare this to the previous Kindles, you will reach the same conclusion. Indeed, the text on this year’s basic Kindle screen has slightly darker fonts. It may be due to its newer display, but it is difficult to ascertain the real reason for this new look.

If you want the best reading experience on an ebook reader, then the $69 basic Kindle could be the perfect fit for you. With the darkest and boldest fonts out there, reading has never been easier and more pleasurable. It comes with three basic fonts, but the thickest and darkest is definitely Sans Serif. As mentioned previously, this feature is quite unique, not equaled by any other device on the market, even though the Kobo ebook readers offer a memorable reading experience as well.

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  1. HELP husband needs back-lit e-reader with adjustable font size, large screen, 10″ if possible. does this exist?
    not to expensive?
    thank you for the help.nn1

    kim November 26, 2015 at 3:14 am

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