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Aluratek CinePad Tablet Series: the Price is Right!

Aluratek has successfully been presenting its line of ebook readers for almost three years. The company has recently launched the latest models in their new line, CinePad, the Android 4.0 tablet computers. The latest two models presented to the market have the same software and hardware features, the most notable difference being the size: 7 and 10 inch, with similarly low prices. The first model, AT107F comes with a 7 inch screen and a resolution of 800 X 480 ppi. The tablet is driven by… Read the rest

New eBook Reader from Onyx Boox: i62M

The new eBook reader launched by Onyx is bound to stun with its impressive features. The device is making its way into the United States rather slowly, but people from across Europe and Asia can lay their hands on this beauty quite easily. The new Onyx reader is similar to the Nook Touch in the physical appearance and one can also associate these ebook readers as the same type of infrared touch screen is embedded in them. Yet the Onyx has profound superiority to the… Read the rest

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